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Welcome to Fontainebleau

For a wonderful journey back in time

With its château, gardens and national forest, Fontainebleau is sure to enchant you. Thanks to the variety and the richness of its heritage, this imperial city located 60 km from Paris will provide you with a unique trip. You’ll be able to discover its palace and its magnificent gardens, jewels of French history, which Napoleon described in his memoires as being “the real residence of kings, the house of the centuries”.

The Aigle Noir has also played a role in the history of Fontainebleau. For many years, this former private residence played host to the nobility and people of court accompanying kings and queens during their stays at Fontainebleau.
Ever a holiday location, the town has preserved this classic French way of living well.

The château

The true residence of kings

A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1981, the Château de Fontainebleau is the only château to have been a residence of all sovereigns from the 12th to the 19th century, and the most occupied of all the French royal palaces. The palace has its origins in the royal passion for hunting, while it was developed and decorated based on the kings' pleasure in collecting works of art to display in their “family home”. From the last of the Capetian kings all the way to Napoleon III, the château was a royal residence, yet it was Emperor Napoleon I who gave new life to it and completely renovated it after the Revolution. 

His private apartments and the museum dedicated to him highlight this imperial past today. Fontainebleau hosts the masterpieces of the Renaissance commissioned by Francis I, the elegant interiors of Marie-Antoinette, the lavish apartment of Napoleon I, and the style of Napoleon III and his wife Eugenie. A residence for hunting and pleasure; a testimony to court life of the sovereigns; a place both official and intimate – Fontainebleau embodies the classic French way of living well better than anywhere else.

History of the hotel

The Aigle Noir, across from the gardens of the château

The Aigle Noir is a prestigious historical residence in Fontainebleau. Located across from the gardens of the Château and built in the 15th century, for many years this former private residence played host to the nobility and people of court accompanying kings and queens during their stays at Fontainebleau. 

Since the 18th century, the former manor house has progressively transformed into a hotel and has hosted affluent guests on short stays in Fontainebleau. Napoleon I renovated not just the Château but also the old mansions, transforming some of them into hotels for tourists, including the Aigle Noir. The hotel thus saw regular transformations improving the service and comfort, always preserving the charm of this exceptional place. 

Over the past 50 years, this prestigious establishment has welcomed numerous major figures, heads of state, members of royal families, artists, and businesspeople, all of whom came looking for calm and inspiration.


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