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Have a drink at the "Le Montijo" bar

The Aigle Noir Hotel Fontainebleau - MGallery has always been an epicurean establishment at heart. In 2021, this space could not but be redesigned in its entirety to restore all its letters of nobility. The Honesty Bar has thus been replaced by the "The Montijo beautiful, neoclassical, intimate and wonderfully comfortable. 

Did you know thatLe Montijo is the historic name of the bar in the MGallery L'Aigle Noir hotel. The idea was to pay tribute to Napoleon III's love of Eugénie de MontijoHis wife was only 26 years old when they met (45 years old for the latter). Napoleon III explained at the time that he had no choice but to marry for love, after meeting the woman considered to be one of the most beautiful in the country! "I come, therefore, gentlemen, to say to France: I have preferred a woman whom I love and respect to an unknown woman whose alliance would have had advantages mixed with sacrifices. Without showing disdain for anyone, I give in to my inclination, but after consulting my reason and my convictions", he declared.

Private and corporate events

Privatisation . Theme evenings

The Bar "Le Montijo" at the MGallery Fontainebleau embodies the notion of festivity, conviviality, sharing with friends and acquaintances and absolute romance.  


The sideboards, inspired by the empire style, offer a tasting of liqueurs and drinks in antique vases. Mobile, they can be moved from table to table for more intimacy and discovery. As for the drinks, they offer different experiences. There is a choice of mixology, signature cocktails and other traditional beverages. A special mention for the signature drink L'Aigle Noir and its bubble covering the top of the glass from which a smoke escapes. A visual spectacle with current and old-fashioned flavours.


The Games Table is also inspired by the empire style and is mobile, offers a selection of old and antique games for guests to play: Queen's game, chessboard, card games.

As you will have understood, everything has been carefully chosen to offer you an unforgettable experience, clearly out of time.

Whether it's for a private or professional event, our bar will be perfect for your project. See our page Business and contact us, we will be pleased to receive you.

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Signature cocktail

L'Aigle Noir to discover at MGallery Fontainebleau

Come and discover the "L'Aigle Noir" Cocktail - a celebration of the history of MGallery Fontainebleau. Our barman mixologist created the "L'Aigle Noir" cocktail inspired by the traditional drinks of yesteryear. He wanted to make them more visually spectacular and unique. The MGallery L'Aigle Noir cocktail is topped with a bubble. It also contains black gin, in reference to the hotel's black eagles and the ancestral name of the establishment.

Here are the ingredients to make the MGallery "L'Aigle Noir" signature cocktail at home:
1 egg white
20 ml fresh lemon juice
40 ml gin
30 ml blackcurrant jam
3 drops of blackcurrant bitter
2 drops of grapefruit bitter
10 ml sugar syrup

PINK Cocktail

Offered every October at the bar "Le Montijo".

The Fight Against Breast Cancer: A Cause We Support

The fight against breast cancer began in 1985, while The Estée Lauder Companies created the "Pink October" campaign in October 1992. Since then, the campaign has brought together and inspired people around the world to help eradicate the disease.
In 2018, the women's brand MGallery Collection has decided to support this women's cause. Since 2022, MGallery Fontainebleau l'Aigle Noir is also supporting this important cause. For the second year running, we have added a vitamin-packed, non-alcoholic Pink cocktail to our drinks menu, available throughout October at a low price for women.


Here are the ingredients to make the MGallery Fontainebleau Pink Cocktail at home:
6 cl lychee juice
3 cl cranberry juice
1.5 cl non-alcoholic gin
1.5 cl rose syrup
1.5 cane sugar syrup
1 cl lemon

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Ephemeral cocktails

Offered every winter at the "Le Montijo" bar

Take a seat in our comfortable armchairs, relax and order your favourite drink, one of our ephemeral cocktails, while listening to the deep conversations of your loved ones.

Our favourite short-lived cocktail for the festive season and winter in general is called "A tale to share".. Its storytelling will immerse you in a warm and festive atmosphere:

"Leather armchairs, a crackling fire and soft whispers filled with deep conversation. It's time to tell your story."

So that you can share it with your friends and family when you get back home, discover thehe recipe for our favourite ephemeral cocktail:

  • 6 cl The Balvernie Doublewood whisky
  • 2 cl Monin pumpkin spice syrup
  • 15 cl lime juice
  • 3 dashes Angostura Bitter
  • 1 egg white
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 1 slice dried orange or pumpkin


What's your favourite ephemeral cocktail for the festive season and the cold, harsh winter months?

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, and should be consumed in moderation.

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Bar le Montijo

Come and share a unique moment in our bar, Le Montijo, and discover our emblematic cocktails and other sweet treats. Our barman will be delighted to share his passion for mixology with you.
We look forward to seeing you
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