Exhibition at the Aigle Noir in Fontainebleau

One work can hide another

Attend a exhibition at the Aigle Noir Hôtel de Fontainebleau!

Fontainebleau is a town in the Ile-de-France region of France, which owes its fame to the splendid Château de Fontainebleau. Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the building houses an impressive collection of French antique furniture as well as numerous works of art such as paintings and sculptures. A few metres away, opposite the Château, you can see a building dating from the 1500s in which, depending on the time of year, you can attend a exhibition in the Black Eagle of Fontainebleau

Exhibition at the Aigle Noir in Fontainebleauone work can hide another

It is not unusual for the hotel, which is housed in the sumptuous 500-year-old building, to organise more or less modern cultural events. Over the years, many visitors have been able to discover various exhibitions at the Black Eagle in Fontainebleau. In 2012, for example, we were proud to showcase the paintings of Isa André-Laclaverie and the collages of Alain Michel. It is not uncommon to discover a exhibition in the Black Eagle of Fontainebleau, Indeed, our living rooms are often made available to works of art like an ephemeral museum! 

Our hotel is a work of art, so it will appeal to art lovers! If you have the opportunity to book a night in our 4-star hotel, you will be amazed by the old and unique decoration of the rooms, which will give you the feeling of living like a squire. 

Exhibition at the Aigle Noir in FontainebleauBut not only that!

If your booking does not coincide with a exhibition at the Aigle Noir in FontainebleauIf you have any questions, we encourage you to contact our concierge service, which will be happy to inform you of current artistic events and, if you wish, to book tickets for them. The exhibitions at the Black Eagle in Fontainebleau are particularly renowned, both for their content and for the exceptional environment in which they are displayed! 

Art can take many forms, and a visit to the beautiful town of Fontainebleau and its wonders proves just that. In addition to the exhibitions at the Aigle Noir de Fontainebleau, you can visit buildings that have stood for centuries as treasures in the Ile-de-France landscape. Or villages such as Barbizon which saw the emergence of a new method of painting in the 1800s, pre-impressionism. Moret-sur-Loing, a city of art, is also worth a visit. If you are lucky enough to be able to go there, you may even be able to see painters practising their art!

As you will certainly have understood, Fontainebleau is the town to visit if you are an art lover, whether it be for its exhibitions at the Aigle Noir in Fontainebleau, and for the wonderful things that surround it. Our teams will be delighted to welcome you for a day to attend one of the exhibitions at the Black Eagle in Fontainebleau or for a longer stay in one of our period rooms!

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